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Hydraulic damper

Hydraulic Dampers
Hydraulic damper
Hydraulic Damper is widely using in the automotive,fitness equipment and medical equipment, which is characterized by resistance to change with the speed of operation. it's has visible buffering function to the connected systems.

Dampers are mainly used as a buffer role, it's biggest feature is the force of gas spring changed by travel speed change. when the action point which guided by outside force to the gas spring with a fast movement,the gas spring's resistance will increase. and when the point of movement is very slow, virtually almost no resistance.

Fundamental difference between hydraulic damper and gas spring:
The hydraulic damper is a hydraulic feed speed control device that can freely adjust the cylinder feed speed within the desired range from low speed to high speed. There are two types of control methods: spring return type (RB type) and air return type (R-A type), which can be selected according to the application.

Gas spring is an industrial accessory that can function as support, buffer, brake, height adjustment and angle adjustment.

The gas spring is filled with inert gas - nitrogen, while the hydraulic damper is filled with lubricating oil (or call it damping oil).

Industrial Applications:
Hydraulic Dampers are used in washing machines, refrigerators,fitness & medical facilities and other industries for bear the responsibility of shock absorption or damping.

Hydraulic damper   Hydraulic damper
Hydraulic damper   Hydraulic damper
Hydraulic damper   Hydraulic damper

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