Chinese Industrial Gas Springs Supplier

We Produce OEM Auto Gas Springs And Custom Industrial Gas Springs,Shock Absorbers,Hydraulic Dampers According To Customers' Drawings.

Quality Control Systems

Ningbo Cospl Pneumatic & Hydraulic Components Co.,Ltd has certified by ISO 9001 & TS 16949 . and got many Chinese industry certificates. Cosp provide all materials test reports (COC), ROHS or SGS. that prove that we use the high qualified materials for producing our gas springs. For example: - stainless steel pole, piston, Silicon oil, Cylinder tube, Nitrogen, Coated paint, oil seals, etc. Many testings & reports for Ming Xiao MFG Co.(gas spring factory)s

  • 1.F1 force testing (Minimum extension force - releasing after full compressed, then test the force value at the point 10mm distance from the started point.)
  • 2.Special points force testing according to customer's requirement
  • 3.Operating environment of temperature testing ( -30℃ - 80℃)
  • 4.Minimum life Cycles testing
  • 5.Storege testing: Full compression for 10days(or appointed), then released, then test all the forces, if can fully release by itself in 2seconds, if can lift up a required weight in 2seconds,etc.
  • 6.Gas tightness test
  • 7.Total dimensions & sizes testing
  • 8.GoNoGo testing
  • 9.Salt-spraying testing
  • 10.Special testings can be accepted if it's ok to do.

See more pictures of our testings

We are not just test after finished production, we testing from start to finish, every processes with very strict tests & inspections, that make sure the gas springs 100% be tested.