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Stainless Steel Gas Springs

Stainless Steel Gas Springs
Stainless Steel (SS304 / SS316) Gas Springs

304/316 stainless steel gas spring is often used for environmental protection food storage cabinet door, medical equipment telescopic rod, yacht skylight support.

The characters of stainless steel gas spring:
  • Precise oil seal
    1. With multi-channel protection, rust, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics.
  • Stainless steel thickening cylinder
    1. High pressure, ensure cylinder block is not easy to deformation, service life is longer than conventional gas spring.

    1. Our Stainless Steel Gas Springs
      We can custom produce SS304 & SS316 gas springs (gas struts), once you want to order, pls confirm the type of stainless steel.
    SS304 gas springs   SS304 gas spring
    SS316 gas springs   SS316 gas springs
    Stainless Steel Extension Gas Struts
    SS304 / SS316 gas springs

    Parameter diagram: the technical parameters are only for your reference (the production can be designed as the client requires)

    stainless steel gas spring dimension drawing

    TYPE Pole d (mm) Cylinder D(mm) Stroke S(mm) LENGTH L(mm) F/N
    SS6/16 Ø6 Ø15 40-110 150-300 20-300
    SS8/18 Ø8 Ø18 40-250 150-600 30-500
    SS10/22-1 Ø10 Ø22 60-160 200-400 50-800
    SS10/22-2 Ø10 Ø22 160-200 400-500 50-1000
    SS10/22-3 Ø10 Ø22 200-250 500-600 50-1000
    SS10/22-4 Ø10 Ø22 250-300 600-700 50-1000
    SS10/22-5 Ø10 Ø22 300-340 700-800 50-1000
    SS10/22-6 Ø10 Ø22 400 900 50-1000
    Custom service: If you can not find a specification which matached your requirement, pls contact us, and tell us the diameters of pole & cylinder, stroke, length, and Force, end connecters and other necessary informations, or send us your drawings, we can custom the gas spring for you. L/T for new gas spring samples: 10days.