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The Production Process Of Gas Struts

Author:Winson Gas Spring & Hydraulic Damper Click: Time:2022-10-31 00:00:00

Gas Struts Production Process

Gas struts, also known as gas springs, are very important components in many industries. They provide a reliable, consistent force in a range of applications, allowing for smooth operating movements. It is therefore essential to understand the production process and standards involved in gas struts manufacturing.

Summary of the Production stages

In a nutshell, the production of gas struts involves five main stages. First, an evaluation of the design is conducted and material selection is made. Then, the raw materials are cut to size, inspected and cleaned. Third, the gas struts are assembled with other components, such as end fittings and seals. After being tested for quality, the fifth and final step is the surface treatments, such as plating or powder coating.

Design and Material Selection

The design of a gas strut is critical to its performance and reliability. When selecting the materials that make up the strut, considerations such as size, weight, stroke and force outputs need to be taken into account in order to ensure that the end product fulfils all necessary requirements. The most common materials used to build gas struts are steel and aluminum alloys. Steel is favoured due to its strength, while aluminum is considered more economical and lightweight. Additionally, some other materials may be used depending on the specifications of the product, such as stainless steel and composite materials.

Cutting and Cleaning

Upon arriving to the production facility, the raw material is cut to the appropriate sizes for each gas strut component. The cutting can be done either manually or with automated machinery, with hand tools being used for intricate shapes or curvatures. Once the pieces are cut, they are thoroughly cleaned of dirt and oil residue. This is done by soaking them in special detergents and then immersing them in boiling hot water. This ensures that any coating applied in the following stage sticks properly.

Assembly and Testing

The components of the gas struts are now ready to be assembled. Depending on the specifications, different end fittings and seals may be necessary. This could include pistons, rods, springs, valves and piston end rings. They are all manually placed into the main body of the gas strut and correctly fastened. Once all components of the gas strut have been assembled, the product is tested for quality and performance. This encompasses tests such as fatigue test, fatigue life test and pressure test. This ensures the final product is in line with the customer’s specific requirements.

Surface Treatments

After the struts are fully assembled and tested for quality, a surface treatment for protection and aesthetics can be applied. This usually involves plating or powder coating, which are known to be highly resistant and lasting methods of providing safety against corrosion and rust. This is especially important in applications that are exposed to hostile environments or large temperature variations.

Winson Gas Spring Quality Control and Advantages

At Winson Gas Spring, we take quality control seriously by closely monitoring all stages of production, from design right up to shipping. We aim to provide our customers with gas struts of the highest possible standards, and always pay attention to product safety and performance. Our gas struts also have plenty of advantages over traditional coil springs. For starters, they are more dynamic and can generate force over a longer stroke. They also require lower installation costs, as well as offering a durable performance due to their corrosion resistance. Overall, comparing gas struts with other types of springs is important in order to understand its features and which components will best fit a certain application. With usage in an increasingly wide range of industries, gas struts are becoming an increasingly important part of modern engineering.

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