Chinese Industrial Gas Springs Supplier

We Produce OEM Auto Gas Springs And Custom Industrial Gas Springs,Shock Absorbers,Hydraulic Dampers According To Customers' Drawings.

Products Overview

Compression Gas Springs
Compression gas spring is free type gas spring, it is the most widely used gas springs. (See more...)
Lockable Gas Springs
Lockable gas spring also named as controlable gas spring, it's incorporates a mechanism to enable the rod to be locked at any point in its travel. (See more...)
Tension Gas Springs
Tension gas spring outside force on these springs pulls the piston rod inward(operating in the opposite direction of other standard gas springs).
Hydraulic Dampers
Dampers is characterized by resistance to change with the speed of operation. it's has visible buffering function to the connected systems.
Special Gas Springs / Custom Gas Springs
We can custom making all kinds general gas springs or special gas springs according to customer's designs or samples with high quality.(See more)
We have all standard end connectors for gas springs,pls choose what connect pieces you want, or show your connect pieces, we can find in our stock.