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Small Gas Springs

Small Gas Springs
Follow are some mini / small compression gas springs for small furnitures, for supporting window, small door, bed,safe box ,toolbox and other covers, etc.

The characters of Mini gas spring:
  • low pressure force ( also with high tolerance of the F/N force, and dimensions.)
  • soft stop gas spring
  • can be easy pulled & pushed by hand
  • with small dimensions.
  • So, can produce so high quality requirements gas spring, that can prove how professional & strict on our production.

    Our Small Gas Springs
    All connectors can changed, all lengths,N Forces can be user-defined with freedom.


    Parameter diagram: the technical parameters are only for your reference (the production can be designed as the client requires)

    TYPE Pole d (mm) Cylinder D(mm) Stroke S(mm) LENGTH L(mm) F/N
    YQ4/12-001 Ø4 Ø12 30 99 15-80
    YQ4/12-002 Ø4 Ø12 40 138 15-80
    YQ4/12-003 Ø4 Ø12 40 148 15-80
    YQ4/12-004 Ø4 Ø12 45 152 15-80
    YQ5/12-001 Ø5 Ø12 35 120 15-80
    YQ5/12-002 Ø5 Ø12 40 146 15-80
    Custom service: If you can not find a specification which matached your requirement, pls contact us, and tell us the diameters of pole & cylinder, stroke, length, and Force, end connecters and other necessary informations, or send us your drawings, we can custom the gas spring for you. L/T for new gas spring samples: 10days.